[URGENT] Navigating Avalanche Rush Yield Farming Using Avax Bridge

Step-by-step tutorial on transferring funds from Ethereum to Avalanche to participate in Avalanche Rush liquidity mining

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Hope everyone had a successful weekend! Some of us degen aped NFTs all weekend, what were you up to anon?

You might have missed the latest Ethereum killer to moonshot, if so now’s the time to wake up. Avalanche (AVAX) is its own blockchain built for DeFi. Built with efficiency in mind - average tx time under 3 seconds - Avalanche is attracting liquidity into its own yield-aggregating farms.

There are some insane APYs happening and pumps that we haven't seen since DeFi summer 2020. Learn about Yield Yak, Pangolin and getting in on these insane pumps & 1000%+ APYs.

Rotating networks in Metamask and crossing bridges can be daunting so we walked you through getting setup as a yield farmer during Avalanche Rush!

Check out this easy to follow tutorial of how to generate yield on Avalanche chain & participate in the liquidity incentives available…enjoy and farm safely…check out the risks of farming here :)

- DeFi Slate Team

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Navigating Avalanche Rush Yield Farming Using Avax Bridge (Insane Pumps & 1000%+ APYs)

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Ruler Protocol is a market driven lending platform that provides non-liquidatable loans. As an undiscovered protocol, most APYs are quite high (so is risk!!). Check it out here!

Hermez Network is an open-source ZK-Rollup optimised for secure, low-cost and usable token transfers on the wings of Ethereum. Check it out here!

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