Master it Monday: Bridging the Multi-Chain Colonies w/ Umbria Network

Join Barney, Oscar and the Slate team for a discussion on how Umbria unites the fragments of DeFi nation.

DeFi Slate Fam: Happy Monday Folks!

Despite the weekend dumpage there is plenty to be excited about across the DeFi realm.

The dwindling hype coming off recent mega rallies is not much of a surprise. DeFi still has high friction when onboarding newcomers and moving between systems is cumbersome and expensive.

Umbria is here to flip the script. This one-stop shop for DeFi brings all the necessary yield farming tools under one roof.

Join the conversation below to find out how the Umbria team is getting rid of the noise and \linking together the core components of DeFi.



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Master it Monday: Bridging the Multi-Chain Colonies w/ Umbria Network

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