Manage Risk in DeFi using AAVE

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The digital economy is evolving right before our eyes. Building blocks from Traditional Finance are laying the groundwork for novel DeFi products in the digital world.

AAVE is the core of that groundwork. AAVE is a DeFi money market that enables peer-to-peer lending and borrowing. No middleman, No cuts, All the yield.

The breadth of strategies is vast. In this video with Alex from AAVE, we showcase a strategy to generate yield on staked assets. Then, borrow against these assets.

Although these tools are empowering it’s important to consider the risks. Stay aware of your Health Factor and don’t get liquidated ya dirty degen.

Happy Saturday y’all. It’s Miami Bitcoin weekend! Enjoy this one 🤙


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High-Yield Savings Account & Leverage Your Assets with Aave.

Non-custodial money market protocol leading the #DeFi charge.

Manage Risk in DeFi using AAVE

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⚠️ DISCLAIMER: Investing into cryptocurrency and DeFi platforms comes with inherent risk including technical risk, human error, platform failure and more. At certain points throughout this post, we might get commission for promoting certain projects, if this is the case we will always make sure it is clear. We are strictly an educational content platform, nothing we offer is financial advice. We are not professionals or licensed advisors.

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