LisCon Convos: Evolving Governance Dashboards with Adrian Ricardo from Tally DAO!

Inside scoop on Tally DAO with Adrian Ricardo

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The season of DAOs is officially upon us. However, despite the current craze, the ecosystem is still very nascent with the current state requiring users to either live on Discord or Discourse in order to get up to speed on all the discussions. This is where Tally, a governance dashboard that helps communities streamline their process of creating and voting on proposals comes in handy.

We caught up with Adrian who gives us a brief overview of Drafts, an experimental stage product that helps drive the process from ideas to governance proposals by showcasing the best perspectives around the community. By enabling granular perspectives, voting and discussions, this allows for more contributions from the community and provides more convenience for current DAO members. Whether you’re currently part of a DAO or thinking of forming one, Tally is definitely a dashboard that you should be thinking of integrating into your operations.


- Wassie Capital

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 LisCon Convos:  Evolving Governance Dashboards with Adrian Ricardo from Tally DAO!

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