DeFi for Dummies: Turn ETH into a Productive Asset with SharedStake

Participate in ETH2.0 ahead of the curve! Validate ETH transactions to earn fee rewards with SharedStake shared validators. No need for 32ETH - stake what you want

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Clearly, we are all familiar with Ethereum by now. But Ethereum is changing.

EIP1559 and and ETH2.0 are months away from sparking a transition from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake. Three major consequences result from this shift:

  1. Lower Gas fees, Faster Transaction times (ETH2.0)

  2. Energy Efficient (ETH2.0)

  3. Deflationary Asset (EIP1559)

The digital economy is transforming and Ethereum is the catalyst.

If you’re holding ETH, it’s going stale in your wallet unless you’re earning yield.

SharedStake is a platform that unlocks the benefits of ETH2.0 and even more. Swap your ETH for vETH. Your tokenized portion of a shared validator node. Earn rewards from validating ETH transactions and stake your vETH into their farms for additional yield.

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High-Yield Savings Account & Leverage Your Assets with Aave.

Non-custodial money market protocol leading the #DeFi charge.

Wiretap Wednesday: Turn ETH into a Productive Asset with SharedStake

👀 Sponsor Update: DeGate is a Decentralized Layer 2 Exchange with low fees and fast transactions. Direct fiat to Layer 2 ramp avoids L1 so no more gas fees eating your stack.

Degate is currently on testnet and launcing mainnet with Arbitrum Layer 2 Tech

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