Everything you need to become a power user of DeFi as we know it today
πŸŽ™ DeFi by Design EP73: Cross-Chain Infrastructure w Router ProtocolListen now (53 min) | Router protocol is building a web of communication relayers to streamline the bridging infrastructure and bring cross-chain…
πŸŽ™ DeFi by Design EP72: Building a Token Warchest w Dave LevineListen now (58 min) | Plenty of alpha leaks in this episode with DeFi power user Dave Levine!
πŸŽ™ DeFi by Design EP71: FRAX Stablecoin Strategy DebunkedListen now (58 min) | We Dive into StableCoins, the Best Yields in DeFi, Strong designs, & more!
πŸŽ™ DeFi by Design EP70: veTokenomics, DeFi Revival, & Sustainability with Balancer DAOListen now (51 min) | The Return of veTokenomics is ramping up! Listen as we chat with Balancer DAO to cover veBAL launch, new stablecoin yields, the…
πŸŽ™ DeFi by Design EP69: Leading The Ethereum Scaling Race with ArbitrumListen now (48 min) | Exclusive Podcast with our Friends at Arbitrum on Scaling Ethereum, Modular Blockchains, Upcoming Upgrades, the merge You Don’t…
Learn how Ava and ARTXV are using Web3 to unite individuals into a community focussed on Artistic expression, Inspiration, and winning!
We dive into Minke’s plan to improve the Web3 experience and making blockchain more accessible to the masses!
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