Everything you need to become a power user of DeFi as we know it today
Flu & Freya give us a tour of DeFi Kingdoms and the latest updates regarding it
๐ŸŽ™DeFi By Design EP #53: Beyond the DeFi HorizonListen now (49 min) | A jam packed episode on everything crypto specifically DeFi with Evgeny, the Co-Founder of Zerion
Curie, Perpetual Protocolโ€™s v2 brings a fresh feel to the decentralized derivatives space
The Avalanche ecosystem is poised to capture the upcoming DeFi Winter.
๐ŸŽ™DeFi By Design EP #52: Discovering NFT Gems w DeezeListen now (68 min) | The hot streak for NFTs continue. Learn about Deezeโ€™s story into the NFT space and the implications that NFT fractionalization brโ€ฆ
New alternative L1s are blowing up with incentives and alot of new DeFi protocols - this is your opportunity to be early and develop conviction.
Users are currently getting paid to borrow on Aave right now, we are expecting the deployment of Aave & Curve to Avalanche to bring a storm of liquiditโ€ฆ
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